Abra Cadabra Your PTSD Is Gone

November 19, 2015

I post short blurbs about this site on my Facebook page and also on Linked-In and Twitter. An interesting thing happened today and I thought I’d write about it. I am always searching the news to see if there might be anything worth while regarding PTSD that I can share with...

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PTSD – How to Pay For Treatment?

November 18, 2015

Health Insurance Coverage For PTSD PTSD treatment ( the talking cure) can be extremely effective in resolving your condition. Two of the most popular therapies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (with an emphasis on reconditioning thought patterns and physical responses) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (using bilateral stimulation to incite the...

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PTSD “The VA Should Do More”

November 17, 2015

On our Facebook page I see this quote all the time.  “The VA should do more”  I an ideal World this would not even be an issue.  If you asked an ordinary citizen I believe most would say that those who have served should get whatever care that is needed. ...

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Paris and PTSD

November 16, 2015

Another case of man’s inhumanity to man.  I have always thought that people were basically good and just like me.  This theory always gets tested when an act of terrorism takes place.  Whether is was 9/11, the Boston bombings  or any other tragedy, at home or abroad, leading to the attacks in...

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“Room” a must see for families of PTSD sufferers

November 14, 2015

Last night I went to see the movie “Room” an Independent movie currently showing in theaters.  There is no mention of PTSD anywhere in the movie.  It has nothing to do with the military or war and I will not say anything to give away the story line.  I’ve been...

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Another 24 Hours

November 13, 2015

Last night I was listening to a news broadcast and they were talking about an incident that occurred I believe yesterday.  Since for the last 2 days I’ve been talking about this same issue I thought I’d bring another point of view into this discussion.  I sort of came into...

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An Interesting Reaction

November 12, 2015

I was out with two male friends last night.  Interesting enough one said, “Thanks for your service”.  I smiled and nodded my gratitude and then he asked me, “What does it feel like when you hear this?”   I briefly went into this in yesterday’s blog.  I always debate whether I should...

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Veterans Day

November 11, 2015

Every year at this time we salute Veterans from all branches of the service. That being said I too salute all who have served but it occurred to me this morning that I dislike being reminded of my own service.  For me the  military was a choice and at the...

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Korea The Forgotten War

November 8, 2015

I was watching TV this morning and on the CBS Sunday Morning show they had a segment about a recent trip that some Korean War family members took back to Korea.  Several families members from MIA servicemen were in attendance.  It brought back to me the PTSD pain and suffering that...

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PTS and “A Common Struggle”

November 7, 2015

This morning I was listening to one of the news channels and their guest was Patrick Kennedy who was talking about his new book called “A Common Struggle”.  This book details Mr. Kennedy’s long ongoing struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.  For those that don’t follow these things closely, it is a...

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