27 Dead In Connecticut- PTSD To Ensue

December 14, 2012

More startling and horrific news in Connecticut where a young gunman walked into a school and killed 20 children and 7 adults.  It is something that we cannot really imagine because it is so terrible.  Because life is as it is, this tragedy will fade for most of us and find its way into our own distant history.

What of the survivors and/or their parents or the parents and families who didn’t survive?  How many terrible dreams to come?  How many will blame themselves for not doing something more?  How many will carry the guilt never knowing why they survived while their friends perished?  We have been taught since childhood that there is a cause and effect for everything.  This doesn’t at all fit into that axiom unless you can somehow invent one.

I will predict that many of these surviving children and adults will now suffer from PTSD and things that seemed so ordinary early this morning, will remain as terrible reminders of this horrific day.  The parent that forgot to kiss their child this morning or the one who made their child go to school even though the child was feeling ill.   There will be stories that will come out in the next few days of near misses or heartfelt hits.  No one can explain it or give answers that make sense.   There are those who will seek religion as an answer and others who will blame an uncaring God for allowing this to happen.  Nothing and no one can provide answers.

I hope that anyone who needs to wrestle with their feeling will find a welcome place at this Military PTSD Forum blog and even though you contracted this dreaded illness in a place other than the military, you are still welcome to Post.