28% Unemployed-PTSD

March 28, 2012

I just heard some bad news and perhaps some encouraging news today.  Since this issue also affects PTSD I was most interested.

The newscaster stated that currently the unemployment of service personnel returning from their tours in the military was 28%.  This is significantly higher than the National average which has been everyone’s focus for the past several years and is a big campaign issue.  But as I’ve always said all these issues are easy to talk about but let’s see the results.  After someone has been elected there is a lot less leverage that the voter can exert so the promises always are easier to make but reality is a lot harder.  Not to diverge too far from my point but $2.00 gas?  Come on now get serious.

So that is the bad news.  The good news was that on this same program they focused on several programs that were going to try and remedy this solution.  Bi-partisan support is what is needed and not the politics of “I’ll do anything to keep you from succeeding” things that seem to not be focused on the issues but on the individual political parties.

One of the programs was called “Hire the Heroes” and the other program was trying to get employers to place signs in their window “I hire Veterans” which will show the buying public who is really supporting the troops and not simply paying lip service to it. Does the sign in the window prove this to be true? Or perhaps give the shop owner additional cover when he doesn’t hire the veteran?

The Defense Department needs to take a bigger role in helping the service men and women who are separating from the military and try to help them find jobs and opportunities.