30 Under 30 -PTSD

January 7, 2013

I was watching”Morning Joe” this morning and there was a segment with the Editor of Forbes Magazine entitled 30 Under 30.  In a nutshell this segment was about 30 people under 30 who have made a  significant impact on Society in some field.  These 30 “winners” had been judged against other strong contenders all under 30 who were from different fields of endeavor.  It was quite an impressive list most of which had also made a significant amount of money and fame for their accomplishments.  I don’t know how many entrants there were but each was, I’m sure, quite worthy of the nomination

While I was watching I kept thinking about the thousands of under 30s who have served in the current Wars of Afghanistan and Iraq, who will probably will never win one of these awards.  Those are the returning veterans both male and female who will be suffering, and will continue to suffer, from PTSD.  I checked about grants, currently available, that will be awarded for ideas to help solve the PTSD problem.  There are 3 on-going research projects totalling over 70 million dollars.  After all these Wars, not only the most current ones but from the past ones as well, and we still have no idea how to treat the PTSD illness any better now then in the past.

So these thousands of current and past PTSD sufferers will suffer in silence or if they are brave enough to seek help, suffer to a lesser degree.  They will still have problems with relationships, with their jobs, with substance abuse,  with friendships, with homelessness et al until potentially they will either die naturally or take their own lives.

I think it is wonderful that we celebrate success but I think we must not lose sight of the dark side of that same coin.  Encourage anyone that you suspect as having PTSD symptoms to seek help no matter how difficult this may be for you to do.  Do not let them sweep their PTSD under the rug just because you fear ruffling feathers.