5,000,000 Million PTSD Victims ?

August 14, 2011

I was reading an article yesterday and it talked about PTSD and the number of potential sufferers in the United States.  The number listed was five million.  This includes more than just the military although this is the one that get most of the press.  I’ve said in a previous blog that PTSD covers all traumatic events.  That could include other professions like the PTSD police, fire, emergency services, medical or any other profession that experiences possible trauma every day.  Children that may have been abused either physically or emotionallyRape victims, victims of crime,  car, plane or train, boat crash victims all are possible victims.

You can see how those who may experience the crime or incident long after the actual incident occurred may add to the toll which keeps inching up, when you start to include all these others.  Then add in the families who may be incidental PTSD victims but suffer none the less.

Five million is a huge number but it still is not everyone.  They keep asking why do two people, who experience the same incident, not carry the incident the same?  Why are some people able to simply sluff  it off while others are condemned to relive it over and over again?

While we wrestle with this answer, we cannot put PTSD treatment on hold.  We need to find ways to offer relief.  Ideally a sufferer will use the professional services available to him/her.  However, denial of claims, distance and/or convenience to help, shame, macho personalities and wanting to tough it out, or many other excuses or reasons why not to seek help for PTSD may get in the way.  But again, this is no excuse to not try to find solace because there are ways to self help.

Most everyone has access to a computer. is our web site.  In this web site we have a place to post comments which we try to add to every day.  There is a page where you can submit your PTSD story and it will be added anonymously to this site, too.  You and others like you will be able to read what you have written.  You can add to it whenever you choose.  The site is for you, and other like you, who have to find a way to deal with the real PTSD feelings/.  We are open 24 hours a day,  365 days a year. We don’t censure, criticize or edit your words.  Remember the light of day is the best disinfectant.  Take the time, have the courage and write.