A Call For Proposals-PTSD

January 29, 2013

The Military is going to spend $69,000.000.00 on proposals dealing with PTSD and suicide prevention.  These are in the form of government grants from interested parties.  In California a major university has already received $6 million for a research program that is medical in nature and it will be looking at the brain and how PTSD affects it.

Part of the problem is that PTSD is under reported.  People are ashamed that they can’t deal with their problems on their own.  They see it as a failure on their part that they feel can be dealt with by shoving the emotions and feelings down and hope that the feelings will eventually go away.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was this simple?  Statistics would show them that it doesn’t work.  However, the people who should be looking at these statistics are the same ones who are suffering and they don’t take the time to look.

I once worked for an airline in a position called Flight Director.  There were ten other guys doing the same job.  We carried these big airline regulation manuals around with us on our flights.  The manuals were changing constantly and whenever there was a revision we would have to take out the old pages and insert the new ones in their place.  These updates were constantly appearing in out personal mailboxes.  A bit of a hassle but a requirement for the job. One day I received a latter in my mailbox saying, “Many of you people are not checking your mailboxes for the changes in your manuals”.  This was a very amusing letter to get in your mailbox.  If you are not checking your mailbox for the revisions then you would never see this letter.

The same thing is true with PTSD.  Those who should be most interested in finding a cure for themself aren’t paying attention.  You cannot get better if you refuse to take steps to get better.  This is only a losing battle if you make it one. Perhaps this is just another military Catch 22.

I made myself better.  I came home from Vietnam quite damaged.  Not physically but menatally and emotionally.  I didn’t see a psychologist though I should have, but I did take steps to heal myself.  You can too if you will only start dealing with your issues.  Not next month or next week but right away.  This invisible PTSD killer will rot you from the inside out.  You need to take steps and only you can do it.

See a mental health provider if you can. If not, come and blog at this site. Not only will you feel better when you do, you will also encourage others to follow you. PTSD can be managed but you must make the effort.