Act Now!!

July 23, 2011

I am going to continue to harp on this. Act now and step up to the plate.  I once heard someone speak about decision making and he said that there are a vast number of people whose modis operandi is, “Ready…Aim…Aim…Aim …Aim” they never get the courage to fire and then complain by saying I wish I would have done that years ago.

My wife, who has her own psychological blog and who acts as a clinical advisor for mine, really impressed me years ago.  Oh, and many times since than but the thing that impressed me was her decision to go back to school.  When we first married she didn’t even have her undergraduate degree.  She started to think about going back to school but everyone told her that she was too old and that by the time she would finish she would be that much older and her career time would be so short to be worth it.  She would listen to the dream smashers and then say to me.  “I am going to get older no matter whether I am going to school again or not”.  So she disregarded all her friends pooh poohing of her plan and she went back to school.  The interesting thing is those same people have said often, “you are so lucky to have gone back to school when you did.  It’s too late for me”.  Of course it isn’t too late even now but they are stuck in their same place and had they done something when they could have, they would also be done now too but instead they are still in their same spot and still unhappy and the only difference is that they have grown older.

So why am I saying this?   Because you too are stuck.  Stuck in your PTSD spot and are doing nothing to get out.  What if writing about your experiences does not help and you feel no better.  Have you lost anything at all?  Of course not.  I am not a miracle man and this blog is simply words on a page to most people but to some people  it will connect.  I will say the right words about PTSD and perhaps a glimmer of hope come through for you too.  It could be you who moves this ball forward and we make the difference in you own or some other one person’s life together.  

Don’t wait and hope that if you just wait it out things will change.  Statistics and experience tell me that it will not and the longer you wait to try and change things, the more things can go wrong.  You don’t have to do anything.  Some days, I know that even one thing seems impossible but you simply must act now.  No one can help you unless you take the first step.  Come to this site and sit at your computer and write.  This is not a test and there is nothing that you can write that is a wrong answer or the wrong words.  It can be a feeling that you are having.  It can be a recurring dream like the one I had last night.  It can be a remembrance, a poem, a movie that inspired you, something you’ve read or anything else that comes to you that you need to share not to me but with yourself regarding PTSD .To have someone bear witness to your pain validates your experience and then you don’t have to bear your PTSD alone.

Draw courage to fight.  It starts with the first step.