Amy Winehouse Death and PTSD

July 25, 2011

I was watching the news and they had a special on the tragic death of Amy Winehouse.  I started listening and there were several celebrities talking about addiction and how difficult it is.  One of the celebrities was Pat O’Brien the famous sportscaster who talked openly about his bouts with alcohol and substance abuse.  He had an interesting quote which went something like this, “There are treatments for cancer but no treatments for alcoholism.  Firstly you must want to get better”.

I was struck by the similarities of substance abuse and PTSD.  Probably one never completely cured of PTSD because the experiences that one goes through really becomes a part of your make-up. If the person wants to get better, however, they can.  Since staying silent and suffering will not help, the only solution is to act.  Do something.  Treatment with a licensed mental health professional is the best solution but because of circumstances, location, life styles, costs or whatever the excuse might be for lack of treatment may mean that sometimes is not possible.  This is understandable but you can’t just say to someone who is suffering from PTSD, “Stop feeling that way”.  Therapy isn’t done that way and statements like that will not work.  It is going to be a struggle but whenever you are ready to start the process you can feel better.  It is done as they said in the movie “What About Bob”, in baby steps. 

There are no excuses since it is so easy to sit down in front of your computer and type in href=””> and then start to write down what you are feeling.  Since these are your feelings there is nothing that you can get wrong, so you are free to write whatever you feel.  Military PTSD Forum is open every day, 24 hours a day.  We have a psychologist on staff but she only acts in a clinical capacity and is not here to judge your writing.  We are only one click away and it is free.