Balance the Budget-PTSD

December 21, 2012

I have been watching the political negotiations closely about balancing the budget and the financial cliff. It looks as if one of the now on the table bargaining chips is the cutting of disabled veteran budget.  I don’t much care for this at all, especially when one side seems to be saying they don’t want to cut the taxes of the super wealthy.  Since these negotiations are two sided you have to ask yourself, if they have less income from uncollected taxes then there is a need to make deeper cuts to the services side to make up for it.  Since veteran services are being mentioned then there is a big chance that disabled veterans will be affected.

I’ve said more than once that PTSD is one of the most vulnerable issues since it is harder to quantify.  If you had lost and arm or leg it is easy to see.  If you’ve lost your eyesight it is easy to see.  If you suffer from PTSD it is your word against theirs.  You will need to be careful how you are answering written questions regarding your mental health. If you are in a hurry to leave the service you’re written answers to questions may have made your case more difficult.  When it comes to PTSD, an honest report by you will go a long way to support your claim in the future.

Remember that the Veterans Service claims are based on injuries related to service.  If you keep covering your PTSD illness or symptoms, then it becomes harder to prove that your PTSD is service related. As noted earlier it sometimes takes years to experience symptoms

I would recommend that you stay actively alert to cuts and the negotiation of benefits going on.  You deserve to be compensated for your time and service to your Country.