Changing Doctors – PTSD

September 30, 2011

The subject always arises about changing mental health providers .  Since I am married to a licensed clinical psychologist I wanted to discuss this issue with her.  Firstly, if this issue is of interest to you I am sorry because I know how difficult this can be.  It is very important that you find the right person for this most intimate relationship.  The suggestion is that shopping around is the best solution.  Ask friends or acquaintances for referrals but always keep in mind that just because this professional worked for them is not an automatic sure thing that he/she will be right for you.

There are good and bad psychologists just like there are bad plumbers or any other profession.  Schooling and learning facts is altogether a different skill than relating to you one on one in therapy .  Therefore you can’r simply pick a name out of a registry or phone book and assume that you have selected the best one for you.  You need to invest time with each possible choice to see if you feel comfortable with the person.  Remember that you will be baring personal secrets and divulging things that no one else may know.  You must feel confident that your trust is well placed.

Sometimes even the best intentioned choice doesn’t turn out exactly as you expected and you need to find someone else.  This happens all the time and you need no other reason than that you don’t feel the therapy is working for you.  The only caveat is that therapists may see things that you don’t see and you could be acting upon the impulse that you are running away from change which is a frightening experience and it takes courage to hang in and try to face this demon.  

Most therapists do not want you in therapy if you are reluctant to be there.  This is not a friend meeting but a professional meeting.  The therapist/strong> is paid to try and get results not simply to see you and take your money.  I know therapy can be difficult but the “talking cure” is one of the most effective tools in the PTSD treatment arsenal. 

Our Military PTSD Forum is an addend to the therapy not a replacement for it.  You need to do whatever you need to do to find yourself and get back to the you that you seem to have lost.  Remember that your experiences will never go away but they can be filed or stored more effectively in their place and they don’t have to rule or control your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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