Colin Powell and Memorial Day-PTSD

May 23, 2012

I was watching the Morning Joe this morning and they had Colin Powell on the panel.  He was, as usual, very thoughtful and discussed his newest book.  I haven’t read it yet and this is not any intended plug for the book.

At the end of his time, he spoke briefly about Memorial Day.  He recommended for everyone to not just celebrate in private but to reach out to any of  those who have served and thank them for their service.  I thought this was a sentiment that I could get behind.  Not for myself as the impetus but for all the brave men and women who have volunteered their time and sometimes lives for their Country.   We have thousands coming home every day and hopefully soon more to follow as we wind down the second war in Afghanistan.

It is so easy to support the troops from afar but then once they return they are forgotten.  It is certainly at least as important for you to remember them after they return home as when they are something away serving in the service.  It usually takes this return home to start to realize the PTSD after effects.  Of course, some experience PTSD during their tour but it takes others time to realize something is wrong when everything else should be back to normal and they are not.

Reach out, if you can.  There are lots of people out there who have served, who will appreciate it, I’m sure.  Happy memorial Day weekend!