Come Post Your PTSD Experiences

November 17, 2011

This Military PTSD Forum site was conceived as a place where PTSD sufferers and their PTSD spouses families and friends could come and post their feelings, experiences about their PTSD World.  So far though it has been mostly my thoughts and ideas and I urge other to get involved.  I will still get to give my ideas because it is my responsibility to keep this site alive.

But it really needs others.  I do believe that one of the problems that the Internet has is that it eventually waters itself down.  An interesting idea or video get multiple copy cats and for the new guy to come to the fore requires that he/she act more outlandishly.  This is not the fate I would hope for for this Military PTSD Forum site. 

Because I used self examination and writing down my feelings about PTSD when I was going through my own pain after Vietnam, I know that it helped me tremendously.  I didn’t know why but somehow baring my burden, that I was carrying inside, gave me relief and I wanted to share this curative possibility with others.  I make no claim that this is the be-all and end-all for PTSD sufferers because I believe strongly that health care professionals have the training and knowledge to go deeper and support the healing more than a web site could ever do.  That being said, though, this site can be a support for the healing too.

The hardest thing is starting.  There is no right or wrong here.  You need to write what you feel.  I remember writing my dreams down in my diary.  I wanted to try and understand what they might mean and though I had no formal psychological training I did start seeing patterns that helped me.  The Psychology World call their specialty the “Talking cure”  The Clinical Director of the Military PTSD Forum site, Jean Dzierzynski, Ph.D, Psy.D, says that we need witnesses to help in the our cure, someone who can provide a listener to guide and lead someone through the maze.  This site, I hope will provide a bit of this though it is not an actual real live person. Since it is always available online there are no appointments necessary to come and post and it is always here for you. 

There are no restrictions at the Military PTSD Forum except we don’t want this to be an advertisement for products and services.  We each have a story to tell and this story is unique to us.  But we are also all connected and things that I may say, may resonate with you and the same is true for you.  Thousands of PTSD sufferers need a safe place to come to start their healing and we hope this is it.