Come To The PTSD Forum

October 13, 2011

1. What exactly is the PTSD Forum?  The Military PTSD Forum is a web site that was established to allows PTSD sufferers to come and post their experiences, feelings, ideas, complaints or anything else someone with PTSD cares to write.

2. Who can post?  This site is all about PTSDPTSD sufferers, PTSD spouses, PTSD family members, and even those who simply care about the subject of PTSD are welcome to post.

3. What do you mean by post? This site has a section that is yours to write whatever you choose to write about PTSD.  Everything posted will be submitted usually within a day’s time. The only caveat is that it not be an advertisement or political rant.

4. Why did I start this site?  I am a former United States officer and a Vietnam veteran and I suffered from PTSD upon my return from Vietnam.  I am hoping this site offers a vehicle for others affected by PTSD to come and find support and perhaps relief from this terrible disease.

5. Do you have professional training in PTSD?  I do not have any professional training and this site should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional help.  My wife, who is the clinical director of this site, is a trained psychologist and psychoanalyst. Questions over my pay grade will be forwarded to her and she will advise me of the proper course of action.

6. What good is it to post something? I base this answer on my discussions with my wife.  She is an advocate for “Talk Therapy”, a professional psychologists and mental health care provider believes this site offers a safe haven for you an opportunity for you to talk about your feelings about PTSD.  Usually therapy sessions are once per week and this may not be enough for you at any time .  This site offers you a chance to have a running dialogue with yourself in a non-judgmental place.

7. How much do I have to say?  This is an unanswerable question since it varies from person to person.  Posting is free at this time and you can write as much or as little as you choose.  You can return again and again until you feel you’ve said enough.  We do not censure your work nor expect anything more than you can offer.  As Dr. Dzierzynski, Ph.D. Psy.D. has said when asked this same question, “You write until you feel you don’t have to write anymore”.

8. When can I write?  What are the hours?  The beauty of the site is that it is as available as your computer.  If you awaken in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, you can write.  If you’ve just had a blow-up and need somewhere to turn and get back under control, you can write.  If it is only a small paragraph, you can write.

9. What is the benefit?  This idea started with me when I came home from Vietnam.  I had never even heard about PTSD.  I started writing to myself in a journal.  It was hard and sometimes painful but I always tried to be honest and not fool myself or allow myself to have excuses for some questionable behavior.  My diary was filled with me trying to get my own words around my feelings.  The progression was slow but it was progress.  I found my way from being stuck, to moving on.  This is your site to do the same thing.

The additional benefit, I feel is that anyone with similar problems can participate.  Your spouse can come and tell her side of the story.  Your children are welcome to provide their insights as well.  Plus there will be many others suffering for PTSD, just like you, that may be encouraged to post as well.  This support system can grow exponentially.

10. What does it cost?  At this time, zero, nada, nothing. The only cost is paid in sweat equity, that is, you need to sit down and begin to wrestle with your PTSD demon and get at him on the screen of your computer so that you can understand what your enemy is and how to deal with him.