Conflicting Suicide Opinions-PTSD

November 23, 2011

Just finished reading an article by Brandon Friedman March 9,2009 from www.The “The Pass Down”. In this article they discuss differences of opinion on the amount, frequency and cause of suicides linked to PTSD. One side of the debate was Army’s Vice Chief General Peter Chiarelli and on the other side the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen.

In most cases, I say I applaud any healthy debate on most any subject. But debating suicides and whether the person volunteered or not somehow does not sit well with me. As you’ve noticed from many of my postings I am opposed to almost any war unless we as a Country are threatened directly. I wish there would have been more of a debate back in 2002 before entering into the War. I think a debate might have opened a more conscious approach to running into a War where we would be “Greeted with flowers” and the War would be over in several months” only to find out that both were was far from the truth.

Debating whether we have fewer or more PTSD suicides by service people suffering from PTSD seems like somehow defending other suicides as being judged as OK. I would have hoped that no matter what the number of suicides is or why or how they were caused would be considered too many.

What a waste of a person to volunteer to defend one’s Country and for that brave person to ultimately be so distraught with his choice to do so and lack of other options would be considered by all to be too big a price to pay.  PTSD is a terrible illness and I say this from first hand experience but to ultimately be saying “Too bad but you volunteered and that was your choice so don’t blame it on us” is unacceptable to me. We should not be defending the service, their policies or anything else and trying to shift the blame to the individual soldier.