Crime and PTSD

July 22, 2011

Violence is one major component of PTSD sufferersseem to experience.  Their super sensitivity to personal slights and conversely insensitive understanding of the effects of their behavior, on others, leads to a dangerous cocktail of personal interactions.

PTSD Violence, however, is not the only issue since there is a huge correlation between PTSD and substance abuse.  This includes alcohol and illegal drugs.  This should seem very obvious to outsiders.  Because the pain is so great and unpredictable the easiest solution for the sufferers is to dull the pain. This is done by either drinking or obtaining and using drugs. Many complain that using drugs and/or alcohol is the only way that they can get to sleep.

This then leads to additional problems.  No working environment can allow a person, in their employ, to be using drugs and alcohol during work hours. Missing work because of the aftereffects of alcohol can be another problem.

Getting fired for whatever reason means losing any source of income.  No income, no spending capital and nowhere to get money to purchase alcohol and/or drugs.  Here lies the problem.  The first choice by users is to find legal ways to meet their needs.  That starts initially with using any savings and benefits that they may have, to support their cravings. 

The next step can be through pawning or selling of valuable.  Then perhaps the next solution is to use up all credit card limits or applying for additional credit cards, though they know full well that taking this next step, will mean that they cannot repay the debt. This action is worth it to get short term answer to a long term problem .  They may also make efforts to borrowing from family and friends, who may not realize what exactly they are subsidizing.

Finally, when the legal avenues have been exhausted the PTST sufferer can slip into illegal activities, like stealing from family and friends and then from strangers as well. 

If families of PTSD military personnel do not accept their responsibility to encourage help for their love ones who are suffering, then please take this blog as a warning.  The quicker you can get help for your PTSD spouse, parent, or child the better.  These Message Body:
I want to extend an invitation to all Veterans to come out to the PTSD sufferers need to start talking with mental health care providers and not holding their pain inside while hoping for change to magically come.  It will not happen and the spiral of destructive behaviors will continue to intensify.  Not every PTSD sufferer takes this path but statistics indicate that many do.

Encourage everyone affected by PTSD to come to our site and start posting their feelings and experiences.  These posts will be published on Military PTSD Forum anonymously but the airing of their feeling is cathartic and the more the PTSD person writes, the easier it will be to write again.  We hope to establish PTSD support groups that will meet on line on a daily basis or as often as required. In a future date the PTSD sufferer may be ready to talk about finding a therapist who can offer further in depth help.  You as a PTSD family member must take action as quickly as you can.

Also keep in mind that you have a voice on the Military PTSD Forum too.  Write whatever is in your heart so that others can see that they are not alone.