Cuts To VA Benefits? PTSD

November 7, 2011

I heard some disturbing comments today on Morning Joe. Apparently there is now some discussion in some circles that if we are to look at cutting back on government spending then Veteran Benefits should be on the table.

Of course most everyone at the table was against this proposal but also none of them will be voting on cuts. I had suggested that this was something to be wary of in several of my earlier posts. I would hate to believe that the promises made to the veteran who puts his life on the line, could be stiffed when he or she returned from the War that they so willingly fought for those back home and would now be denied compensation for physical or mental wounds suffered in that endeavor.

I am not surprised either.  Then of the two, physical vs mental, my guess would be that if one had to be cut, the mental would be the first to go.  Those suffering from PTSD and their PTSD spouses would thus be vulnerable to the loss of payment for treatment and benefits.

Those who have PTSD better start paying attention to what is going on.  Not only are there no jobs available for returning veterans but there could be worse consequences still.  Smaller government called for by many could seriously affect you and your loved ones.

This is not the time to be passive or take a laissez-faire attitude about politics.  You need to organize and make yourself heard.  There is power in unity and the squeaking wheel gets the oil.  Find others like yourself who need more help not less.  You served your Country and now it is time for your Country to live up to the promises made to you for your service.