Divorce and PTSD

July 14, 2011

One of the top stresses in life is a divorce.  Anyone who has been through one can tell you that it is perhaps one of the worst times in their life even though they knew it was the right thing to do.  Stress has been linked to illness and even death so you know that it is a serious matter.

In a previous post I stated that there was a survey that the government did and that they polled the Veterans of the Vietnam War, as their subjects.  I’m sure they will do one with the troops of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars later when all have returned.  Some of the results of this study were surprising in that 20%-30% of returning troops from that war had experienced PTSD.  This seems to be consistent with the statistics they are hearing now about PTSD from the current Wars.  The other fact that was startling about the survey was that 48% of these PTSD troops divorced within the first year of their return home.

Can you imagine the stress of the divorce plus the PTSD?  Remember that the PTSD wife and children of these PTSD troops are suffering too.  No matter the risk that the family and friends of PTSD victims must take, they cannot allow the PTSD sufferer to avoid getting help.  It will only lead to disastrous results.  PTSD will not get better on its own and probably it will get worse.  You have only a small grace period to reach these PTSD  people before they shut you out.

Lead them to our Military PTSD Forum site.  It costs nothing but it will start the person talking about their PTSD experiences.  You, as family and friends, are welcome to share your PTSD feelings and experiences, as well.  A psychologist will tell you that their profession is called “the talking cure”.  We don’t make any claim that the Military PTSD Forum will magically cure you or the PTSD sufferer but it is a start and having a safe place to come and talk about things can act as a stress reliever. Ideally you can use the site in conjunction with treatment with a mental health care professional.

We hope, as time goes along, to organize PTSD support groups where new ideas and/or referrals can take place.  Right now we need to get as many people to this site as possible so that it becomes normal for people with PTSD to come here and start the process.  It will provide a unified PTSD voice.