Dreams and Nightmares

August 16, 2011

No one can tell you exactly what dreams are to a surety. Many say it is your subconscious trying to work out an issue without the clutter of your consciousness. It seems like my dreams start somewhere in the middle and end before they are over and I often try hard to remember them but when I awaken I can’t remember them at all. Sometimes I remember them but when I try and relate them to my wife they make very little sense as I often change who I am in the dream or the perspective of how the story went.

Unless the dream is a persistent one, that is, one that you dream of multiple times, it is hard to recollect them, at all. Variations of a theme might also make a stronger impression. I have dreamed many times that I am trying to get somewhere but I can’t ever seem to get there. I lose something or forget something and I need to return back, or I can’t remember the way. These dreams, though not nightmares, are very frustrating, to say the least.

Before going to Vietnam I had only 2 nightmares that I can remember.
The first occurrred when I was young. I was alone in a very dark house and there was a lot of old wooden big dark furniture. I suddenly heard a noise and looked and the furniture was moving and starting to come to life and started chasing me. I awoke quite frightened and when I started telling my mother about it, it became sort of silly to me. Psychologically I suppose my wife could have interpreted it for me but I never had that dream since so I suppose I’ve worked this issue out.

Have you ever heard a mother saying that they didn’t want their impressionable child to go to a movie because it would give them nightmares? Well I never was that child. I could go to see the craziest movies and never have it bother me, except once.

I went to see an old movie called, “The Naked Jungle” Charleton Heston played a big African landowner and toward the end of the movie there is an infiltration of Army ants who ate everything in their path, and I mean everything in their path.

I had come down with a fever from something or other, and in my nightmare the ants were in our house and were going to climb up my bed. In the nightmare I was pleading with my mother then I awoke, the fever broken but the image was very powerful and though I’ve never dreamed about it again, I do often think of that dream.

Imagine the PTSD sufferer, and I talk firsthand now, dreaming the same gruesome images over and over again. Not images that when wakened seem silly or impossible to occur, but real life images. Sleep becomes something that you resist versus something that you welcome to revitalize. If anything, you wake more tired and certainly more agitated then the night before.

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Relating your nightmares will help you. The light of day is the best disinfectant. We never criticize or censure what you write. These are yours to keep but also share with others who, too are struggling.