PTSD Flashbacks

August 30, 2011

Yesterday I spoke briefly about PTSD Flashbacks and the caution that must be given by care givers in dealing with them.  It is obviously better to let a trained professional help with this but there are times when you are in the direct line of fire and need to act appropriately.

I said yesterday that we are a product of our experiences.  The War is definitely an experience and the memories of the sights and sounds of this War are the root causes of the PTSD.  These memories are known as “Hot memories”  and most treatments are geared to make them become more normal or “Cooler”  This is a treatment that is used for many phobias not only PTSD.  Being exposed to the fear and lessening it’s impact by providing a way to end the memories or fears in a more normal fashion.  This is a painful process to go through and it takes a great deal of courage to stick with it until the remedy works. 

In talking with my wife, who is a licensed psychologist and psychoanalyst, she said it is quite usual to have a client flee treatment just when it is starting to work.  The fear associated with healing and change can be overwhelming so support by the loved one is definitely in order. We are dealing with the fear of change. As strange as it seems, for the PTSD sufferer PTSD is the norm. It is not that they enjoy being in the PTSD funk, the worry is that things will get worse if they let go of their current defenses.

An assist for you is this web site.  It allows you or your mate to sit down at the computer and post your PTSD experiences.   To start the process going or to continue it, as the case may be.  We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  All you need to do is turn on the computer and find our site.  The rest is just a self examination.  A place to gripe, or confess or rant and ramble.  There is no right thing to say or not to say.  The content is personal and confidential.  Only you will know that you have written and what you have written.  You can write as often as you choose and it is a safe place to find a willing ear to your personal and unique situation.  You need to take steps to free yourself from the past.  With your writing you will start to end your past and begin your future.