For Anyone Interested-PTSD

October 25, 2012

Dear Webmaster,

I am a clinical researcher with Loma Linda University studying web based interventions – this study has IRB approval. I was wondering if I could post an announcement on your forum as a possible study for people to be involved?

“Are you interested in participating in research to improve the lives of those who have suffered a stressful or traumatic event? If so, please go to to find out more about the study and see if you are eligable to participate. If you should decide to participate, you would be randomized to one of five different conditions and would be asked to write for 20 minutes a day on 3 consecutive days of your choice about a previous traumatic event. You would also be asked to complete an online questionnaire which takes approximately 30 minutes to complete before starting to write and after a brief period after completion of your 3 days of writing. Those who complete the study will be eligible to receive up to $15 in gift cards to”

Thanks for your consideration.

Evan Lima, M.A.
Department of Psychology
Loma Linda University