PTSD Forum Defined

July 7, 2011

Forum -The definition is “An assembly, meeting place, for the discussion of questions of public interest.”

This is exactly how we have envisioned our Military PTSD Forum.  We are not looking for a site where I tell you what is wrong with you or how you can be fixed, although some of that will seep through because our goal is to focus on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and allow others who may wish to know more about PTSD a chance to glimpse the results of trauma/ and how that relates to PTSD symptoms.  Many Americans don’t seem to understand this subject or take it seriously enough.

We want people to understand that supporting the troops takes more than lip service and before undertaking a war, that the consequences of War can be quickly collected in one place rather than piecemeal all over the Internet.

We hope that you will feel free to find your voice and put your story to words. We want to hear about your experiences with PTSD.  It is through your own efforts that you will start the process of healing for yourself and by writing these stories down perhaps affecting others as well..