Help Me I Have PTSD

December 8, 2012

One of the interesting things about PTSD or should I say Alarming, is the fact that many with PTSD don’t even want to admit or at the very least know that they have it.  In speaking with the Social Worker yesterday at the Orange County Health Clinic, she indicated that the majority of the veterans that are being seen are from the Vietnam and previous Wars.  For some, this is the first time that they are being seen.  Vietnam ended in the early 1990s.  This means for some 20 or more years after the War ended, they are being seen because they have finally realized that their symptoms cannot be ignored any longer.

The time of their PTSD sufferings has been so long and for many, they have additional problems that have crept into their lives.  Many are on drugs or alcohol They use these things to deaden their feelings.  If this isn’t bad enough many have no jobs, they may have felonies which makes getting jobs next to impossible. Many are homeless and have lost their families for a variety of reasons after inflicting their PTSD problems onto their wives, mates and families.

Even after all of this, many state that they were reluctant to walk through the door to seek help the first time. I am thankfully not wired this way.  When I was having problems when I returned, I wanted to get answers quickly.  Since I didn’t really know about PTSD or link my problems simply to my experiences in War, I looked to myself for answers.  That is when I came upon the diary idea.  It served me well and put me on the right road to my own personal PTSD survivor path.

Looking at what could have been the alternative of not doing anything, I can now attest that the future of doing nothing is not good and the quicker you can wrap your hands around this fact, the better.  Before other issues co-mingle themselves in the PTSD mix, take some action to understand just what you are dealing with.

I want you to start to blog here.  I have no ulterior motive, nothing that I am trying to sell or to try and take advantage of.  This site was my attempt to give back and give thanks for finding the benefits of self-help.  This Military PTSD Forum Blog is a do it yourself start.  ThisMilitary PTSD Forum Blog is like Confession, or atonement.  This Military PTSD Forum Blog is like the talking cure,“Psychology”, except it is only you that you are speaking with.  Your blog is personal, anonymous and confidential.  Never will your name or any other identifying piece of information be divulged from this site.

You can write as little or as much as you choose and can come back as often as you want to rethink or redefine your feelings or thoughts. You can post in any form, letters, poems, haiku’s or simply musings.  Treat this blog as if it were yours because it is.  You can talk about things that happened to you or things you witnessed. You can read what others have written or simply things that you have written yourself. Use this site as you choose. Make it work for you.

I wanted to share my tiny success with others.  Trying to put words around the feelings gives you a better chance of moving a bit closer to understanding them.

Don’t expect a quick fix, change will gradually find you and the more you are willing to face up to PTSD rather than trying to avoid it, the better your chance of making peace with yourself and your history.