Heroes Don’t Want to Talk To People About It- PTSD

December 4, 2012

There are lots of stories that remain untold.  Thousands of heroic deeds that are never reported.  Medals that should have but never get pinned on.  I think that this is a place where we can safely talk about these things.  This doesn’t have to be about you alone.  I know that sometimes talking about yourself can be awkward even if it is anonymous.  We are sometimes shaped by our experiences or by friends, comrades or even passers by.

I often wonder about guys that I served with.  Those who had arrived in Country before me and I had gotten to know only during the remainder of their tour of duty.  Many who came right around the time I arrived but were from different parts of the United States and that went home to carry on with their lives as I tried to do.  Then there were those who came after me and remained after I left.  These many faces, friends and passing ships in the night had their own tales of success, tragedy and or struggles that I was unaware of, once we parted.

It is estimate that around 2 million men and women will have served during the Afghanistan/Iraq Wars.  Estimates from past conflicts indicate that between 20% and 30% will experience symptoms of PTSD.  I am thinking that this estimate is going to be higher than the highest estimate but certainly nearer to 30% than the 20%.  Of course you can do your own math but that is a lot of people suffering in silence.

Not everyone has PTSD but perhaps a story that you can tell to another, who may be suffering, can reach actual sufferers and their families.  We need to talk about this issue and not just throw assets at it. Each of us are responsible to our buddies who served along side of us, before us and after us once we separated. Those we never met and even those from different Wars or different professions. The heroes are those who served not the single acts of bravery that they got a medal for.

Please share with others, so that they can have the courage to do the same.  We are  not all professional writers so no one is critical of what you say or how you say it.  This site is for all.