How Change Happens-PTSD

December 5, 2012

I owned and operated an Executive recruiting firm for almost 40 years.  One of the things I early on had to understand was “Change”.  It would seem pretty obvious to an outsider that in changing jobs the choice would be pretty easy.  If the job was better you switch, if not you don’t.  But in actuality it is nowhere near this easy.  First you need to break the inertia.  To even get someone to interview for a really good job is difficult since the person you are trying to recruit already has a good job.  We didn’t deal with people who were out of work and needed a job.  The people we worked with were gainfully employed in another position and hadn’t thought about a change until they received a call from me or one of my recruiters.

Then the process began with “Let me buy you a cup of coffee and chat”  Non-threatening beginning and then little by little topic of the changing jobs idea moved along.  When an offer for a new job was finally extended and even if it was substantially better, still was not a slam dunk.  Often wives would be included and an additional face to face meeting were required to point out what benefits the new job offered.  Even with this, there were times when a perfectly good job, with better pay, better location, better title, better benefits etc., would be declined.

Why is this?  It is difficult to make a change.  This is the same in the battle for the PTSD sufferer.  It would seem obvious again that the PTSD would leap at the chance to feel better.  In his mind this might be true and for the outsider it is even clearer.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “just snap out of it and get on with your life.”  You see for others, this change is very apparent.  For the PTSDsufferer the normal is being immersed in the PTSD trap.  To change requires effort and often it is a step by painful step that the PTSD person must go through.  It is so easy to feel that the cure is worse than the illness.

I hope that I can reach some people and offer them this PTSD healing first step blog.  It is free and it may start the process.