How Does This Garden Grow? PTSD

August 9, 2011

I still get asked about why I am doing this? Why did I start the Military PTSD Forum? What’s in it for me?  Isn’t this the way of the World nowadays?  Don’t do anything unless you can make some money at it.  Altruism is a thing of the past and skepticism is all that remains.  You look at the violence in London where the mobs are reacting to the death of a young father.  This is what we have come to.  We are skeptical about the truth in our system of law and government etal.  Each side blames the other and nothing ever gets done.  I personally am tired of it.  I am not a very religious person but there is one thing that I do wholeheartedly believe in, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.

As John Kennedy said, “Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country”.  I’ve decided that I can make a difference.  It may start slowly but isn’t this the way of everything?  From a single match you can ignite a huge forest fire that will blaze and blaze.  I look upon the landscape at basically any and every issue.  Those who are interested will take the time to Tweet about it or put something on their website about it or perhaps even go as far as to make a website that they can express their views.  Of course this is exactly the way I’ve started too.  The difference is that this is not technically my website.  It is the website of the PTSD sufferers, the PTSD spouses and children and their friends.  I am simply a custodian.  It is my plan to unite the diverse Twitter pages, Facebook pages and all the additional social media sites concerned about PTSD and uniting them into one place where others can come and read what is new in PTSD, and how it affects them.  Rather then hunting and trying to find something appropriate in any one of a number of sites,  they can feel comfortable coming to the  Military PTSD Forum so that they can get their questions answered quickly and accurately.  Referrals and links can be found to obtain even more info.

The majority of Social media is very much like a billboard in the middle of a desert.  You accidentally might stumble upon it but more than likely it will remain undiscovered.  I hope to place this same billboard in the middle of the busiest highway which will get the most traffic and the help interested parties to find additional billboards.

Every interested PTSD victim and their circle of influence is welcome.  Come share your story with us.  We are unjudgemental and we are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.