How To Enter Your PTSD Story

July 15, 2011

Someone wrote that they didn’t know how to post an entry at Military PTSD Forum.  It is really quite simple since the whole site consists of only a few pages.  One page is titled “About Us”. On this page there are 2 pictures and a brief description of Dr. Jean Dzierzynski, who is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst and one picture of me. I will be leading the crusade to find a better place for PTSD people to meet and tell their story, if you’re willing to try.

Next page is titled “Contact”. This basically is our Military PTSD Forum philosophy. Doesn’t take very long to read and to get an idea of what we believe in and are trying to accomplish with this site. 

Third page is the actual postings section and in it are comments from the first day that the PTSD Forum site began.  All posts concern PTSD as their central theme.  These posts will be actual and true PTSD stories from people like yourself or from me directly, which will include some of my personal experiences. More will be written about PTSD research and the latest PTSD findings or possible PTSD treatment successes that I feel should be talked about.

The 4th page is what you are looking for.  Be sure to fill in all the blanks and then simply tell your PTSD story.  These PTSD stories will come through to me for review.  For the most part I will not censure or edit them and they will appear in your own words very quickly after submission, depending on the amount and number of stories I receive.  I do request that there are no political rants, no religious preaching and no sales pitches. The Military PTSD Forum has not been created for this purpose. These will surely be edited out by me.  Please do spell check on your work. The PTSD stories will be published in your own words and I will need your OK to do so, so please check off the box that asks for you OK, otherwise it will not be posted for legal reasons.  You can submit as often as you want or need to and all will find a place on this site.

Look forward to hearing from everyone who is moved to write about their PTSD story.