I Dreamed Last Night of Suicide-PTSD

November 5, 2011

I awakened this morning remembering a dream that I had. Usually I don’t remember my dreams anymore but every so often there is one that is so vivid that I do remember it. Last night I dreamed of someone who was calling me and talking about suicide and I didn’t do anything about it. Later in the dream I heard that whoever this person was did, in fact, commit suicide and I felt guilty that I had not done enough to prevent it.

I don’t know if you, the reader of this blog knows it or not but according to the latest statistics put out by the Department of Defense, there are 18 PTSD suicides a day being committed by soldiers. This statistic is one of the reasons that I started this Military PTSD Forum web site in the first place. I thought that anyone hearing about this suicide statistic would immediately want to get involved to do something about it. Especially since everyone claims to want to support the troops.

We have all these Social Network sites and my thinking was,  if I could just reach some people and they reach other people, we would might eventually be able to reach out to all the returning PTSD sufferers and their PTSD spouses to provide some outlet for there plight.  Obviously the best thing to do for someone, who has even the most remote thoughts about suicide, is to get them to seek professional help for a mental health professional.  This Mititary PTSD Forum site is another alternative.  It is now free, it is always open, never needs an appointment, never critical and it is always as close as the computer.  If you choose to do nothing to help these PTSD victims, it could result in what I felt in the dream.

So back to the dream.  I guess if I were trying to interpret what it meant,  it would be that I want to do whatever I can to reach out to those who are suffering from PTSD as I once was.  I want  to be sure I’ve done everything that I can to bring help to their door.  I hope that you will do your part to reach out to your friends and family to help in this cause. I don’t want you to ever feel, “If only I had made that call.”