If Not Now When To Start Your PTSD Healing?

August 13, 2011

I spoke with my wife, who is the person I rely on to answer clinical issues for me since she is both a clinical psychologist and a psychoanalyst.  She’s earned two doctorates and I call her my “Pair a docs” .  She reassured me that people are reluctant to seek help even though they need it dramatically.  She points to the fact that the average wait time for a couple, who are experiencing marital problems and need to seek help from someone who is trained to help provide solutions, is 7 years.

I guess that doesn’t really surprise me, the more I think about it.  It took me a while to deal with my own PTSD issues and it started with me sitting down and talking to myself saying that I wanted to change.  I kept running away from the PTSD issue or hiding it or disguising it in some way.  Always some excuse or blaming someone else for the problem that, no matter how I sliced it, I played the major role. I can now say that the PTSD long term suffering was unnecessary.  I should have dealt with it sooner too.  But you know what they say,” Do as I say not what I did”.  I would think that the first responders will be the PTSD spouses and children of the PTSD sufferer.  I say this because they are not as invested in enduring the trauma or holding on to it or hiding it or disguising it from their loved ones.  The false reasoning that this strategy will work, is one of the problems that must be dealt with.  PTSD will not go away by itself and the longer it takes to start healing the more embedded the PTSD problems will become and the harder it will be to change. According to actual picture studies, the brain can restructure itself. This is great news if you are trying to rewire for your betterment through therapy. It is not such good news if PTSD is working the reverse on you.

Let’s look at this scenario instead.  The Military PTSD Forum site will , sooner or later,  hold many PTSD stories and observations of the affects that PTSD have on the individual and their families.  If you and your loved ones are struggling, wouldn’t it be wonderful to use the Military PTSD Forum as a weapon for your own cause?  Not only will this unburden the PTSD sufferer/ but it will allow you, the PTSD spouse, with your own issues, a safe place to find relief. Whether or not you can drag your PTSD mate/ to accompany you, may hve to begin wth you taking the first step by posting your story.

We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Start the healing.  It is free and we are non-judgemental.  The light of day is the greatest disinfectant.