In Twenty To Thirty Years-PTSD

December 13, 2012

I am working as a Peer Mentor and I was at a training session the other day and the subject of PTSD came up.  One of the Social Workers said a sad thing.  “In 20-30 years we are going to have a mad rush of PTSD sufferers.”

Why will it take so long, you may ask?  She indicated that it will take this long for many to realize and admit to themselves that they have a problem with PTSD.  Let me give you a scenario that seems to be a model for many of the PTSD sufferers.

1. Come home with PTSD, suffer in silence.  This means not allowing wife and loved ones in.  Having no support and hope problem will go away.  Life is drab and no joy anywhere.

2. Turn to drugs and alcohol to deaden pain or solve sleep issues.  Again family suffers with potential physical or mental abuse that is ignored and explained away.  Often times this leads to loss of job, loss of family, loss of friends and maybe loss of home.

3. Crime conviction for vagrancy or worse since unable to hold a job and no way to get income to support lifestyle.

4. Felony conviction and homelessness eliminates the possibility of any kind of normal life.  No future possibilities of change or success but years to live.

5. Maybe after years finally seek help from Veterans Administration or the State or County where you are residing.  Limited help that they can give.  Few options for homeless, and jobless even with determined available help. Thoughts and/or perhaps attempts at suicide to eliminate pain and suffering. In short, a much more miserable life than you can imagine at this time.

This is a tragic life and one that the PTSD sufferer can avoid by seeking help as soon as possible.  If you refuse to see a trained mental health professional then at least try to help yourself by using this Military PTSD Forum blog.  It costs you nothing at this time, you can say whatever you choose with no one to censure or correct you.  No advice given by the host of site but potential feedback from others who, too, are experiencing some of the same things you are.   Don’t wait any longer, things will not get better on their own and if anything they may get much worse.