Iraq Troops Come Home-PTSD

December 13, 2011

It’s about time if you ask me. I remember when the Vietnamese War was gearing up and the justification of those in favor of war was that if we didn’t go to Vietnam there would be a “Domino Effect” that would sweep Southeast Asia with one Country after another falling to Communism. Funny, like everything else, this was all crap. There was a period of adjustment where there was a purge of American sympathizers. It was tragic but I am not surprised by it.

All the scare tactics the NeoCons are using to keep us in the Middle East, I’m assuming will result in the same thing…nothing. There will be an adjustment and if the elected government doesn’t appeal to the masses they will make a change.

Don’t we do this same thing in our own government? Four years ago after massive protests on the direction the Republicans took the Country they were voted out of all the majority of both Houses and a Democrat was voted into the Presidency. A massive campaign was launched and now the absolute opposite thing seems to be taking place. I personally am an Independent voter and I try to be careful to elect not a Party but the person I feel will be best suited for such an awesome task of running a district, a City, a State or the United States.

I’m seeing a lot of protests from each side of the aisle.  Whether it be the Tea Party on the Right, or the Occupiers on the Left, all seem to be voicing their displeasure with the government.  There is no side that has all the answers and until we start, as a Country, to govern not to be reelected but to do what is right, I think we will continue to swing wildly from one side to the other.

But what does this have to do with PTSD?  I was watching a morning news show and Carole King of the song, “You got a friend” was talking.  She is very interested in the ecology and other social issues.  She was asked how the economy was affecting her causes and she said that when people are worried about their homes, jobs et al, there is little time for much else.  We have so many issues that we have to deal with, I am concerned that PTSD will be pushed aside since one of the Wars is over and the other will be winding down soon.  Though I am happy about this, I fear that with no driving force behind the PTSD issue, it will be shoved under a table somewhere while they try and be associated with the “Cause of the Day” to get reelected.  These issues will always change and the further from the war we get the fainter the PTSD issue will become.

If you the reader want to help, you might look into trying to support a united effort to assure this will not happen.  There is no place that I have found that unifies this PTSDmay be thousands of affected PTSD voices, there is no one place to unify the voices into anything but a babble. There are many old sayings that capture this. “There is strength in numbers”, “United we stand divided we fall”, “The squeeky wheel gets the oil”, and many more I’m sure.