It Has Already Started-PTSD Consequences

August 23, 2011

We are in for a fire storm and we need to start taking action quickly.  PTSD is serious and the anger and violence associated with it are real.  If you have the PTSD symptoms you need to start to act to head off disastrous consequences that can happen at any time.

If you are a PTSD spouse or loved one, urge the PTSD sufferer to take his/her illness seriously.  Reach out to others who may be friends and confront this issue and help them seek help.  This is a new war and there are so many factors, that we do not know how they will effect the outcome. 

Did you realize that, because of the improvements in medical care, that only 1 in 10 injuries will take the soldier off the battlefield?  Most injuries will allow the soldier to return to fight again.  How will this effect the number of PTSD sufferers?  We do not know.  More soldiers are taking anti-depressants and,  since there are already questions about the long term effects of these drugs,how will they increase the effects of PTSD?  We don’t know.

Please take time to look through this Youtube video.  If you have the courage start to let off steam right after viewing it, you can do it by posting your PTSD experiences, your story, your recollections or anything else about your PTSD fight which will start you on the road to recovery.

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