Junior Seau Commits Suicide? –PTSD

May 7, 2012

Being from the West Coast, we are getting bombarded by the press coverage of Junior Seau’s probable suicide. He played at USC and then the San Diego Chargers and finally ended his career with the New England Patriots. He also had a restaurant in San Diego and was universally remembered a a great guy. I get all that really I do.

However, as I’ve mentioned often in past posts there is a male or female service person committing suicide every 18 minutes, all over the Country, and you hear very little publicity about this awful statistic. PTSD is a terrible illness and more should be said about this. The ones that are suffering enough to commit suicide are a mere fraction of those who have PTSD and suffer in silence and treat their illness with drugs and/or alcohol. Help need to be given to a large segment of the retuning military personnel who may be suffering.

All PTSD stories are welcome here. You can post as little or as much as you choose and your posting will be placed here uncensored.  Airing your PTSD is not shameful and it is the first step toward healing.