Look For Changes PTSD Forum

September 17, 2011

Our PTSD site is going to be going through some changes  over the next few weeks.  This is being done for several reasons, all of which I believe are positive.  Hopefully the Military PTSD Forum site will continue to be more user friendly and most of the changes are cosmetic in nature.  If you have any comments on how the Military PTSD Forum site could be improved, tell us and  please remember that it is your site and we will try always to listen and make changes to the site where appropriate.

We will continue to post our experiences with PTSD and invite you to post as well.  Even if and when you are in therapy for your PTSD there may be long stretches between your therapeutic sessions where you might need to gather your thoughts and try and put them down so that they can be viewed by you and others.  This PTSD site is for your benefit but it is also for the benefit of others suffering from PTSDPTSD Forum, hopefully will allow the same things to happen and just as you, little by little, find a way to deal with your PTSD issues/ you are also providing someone else the opportunity to do the same thing.  You will be part of a bigger healing process.

We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  The best disinfectant is the light of day.