Magic Bullet for PTSD

August 24, 2011

I wish I could tell you that there was a Magic Bullet out there to make you feel like you are back to the way you were before experiencing what you have experienced.  Unfortunately, from my experience, there is none.

We are a society that wants the answers and wants them immediately.  Let’s say you you are fighting weight gain.  Now this is not unusual.  They say that the average is for US people to  gain about 1 pound a year after the age of 20.  This doesn’t sound too bad except when you think about it a bit.  One pound a year then, by the time you reach 30, is 10 pounds. Once you reach 40 it’s 20 pounds.  So you decide to diet and want to lose that 10 pounds.  At the end of the week you are already frustrated because you haven’t lost all of it.  You gain the weight gradually over 10 years but want it off in a week.  If asked to change your eating habits or increase your activity to help keep it off, is asking too much.

The same is true with PTSD.  There are things that might help.  Mostly, the best is going to a trained PTSD mental health care professional and working on it.  That is to say that anti-depressants might eleviate some of the symptoms but my belief is that these pills simply mask the problem but do not solve it.  I also feel that there may be some adverse side effects to taking pills, as well.  To be free of the grasp of PTSD/ will take effort on your part.  This problem will not go away on its own and the only person who has any real power over it, is you.  You need to start opening up to someone.  Of course this might be an issue since most people, unless they are trained, are unwilling to just listen for very long.  Most try to cure you or they will eventually say things like. “Just get over it”  or something stupid like this.  Mostly they are only superficially interested no matter how close they may seem to you.

There is a saying, “Physician, heal thyself”  and this pertains to you, as well.  The curing can only happen when you are ready for it to happen and are willing to do the work necessary to start the healing.  It is a simple as that but you may not want to believe this especially until you start seeing results.  You can start the healing but you must face the problem and deal with it head on.  You can’t sweep PTSD under the rug and hope it will go away by itself.

Come and tell your story at Military PTSD Forum.  Not to me because I had my own story that I had to deal with.  This is an examination of your own self and the way PTSD affects you.  How do you do this?  What do you say?  This is up to you.  The benefits will start quickly and then  slowly over time, if you stick with it, the PTSD will be easier to talk about and the pain will bgin to diminish until you are ready to be free of it .  Your courage to face this problem will encourage others to do the same.  You have a different “Band of Brothers (and sisters)” now.  You are still fighting together but with a different enemy.

We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  We never criticize or edit or censure your thoughts and words.   The light of day is the best disinfectant.