Military PTSD Forum — Our Purpose

July 5, 2011

Yesterday I started discussing the title and purpose of Military PTSD Forum.  I will continue by taking apart the title and decisions we made regarding this site.

Military – It is quite clear to us from all the research that we are doing, that PTSD in the military is a growing problem and once the military personnel start returning from the wars in larger numbers it will get significantly worse. I  

However, we are also aware that even though this problem exists and has existed in fairly significant numbers PTSDsufferers sometime wait years before seeking help.  PTSD is not limited to the military returnees/PTSD has been reported by policemen, firefighters, car accident victims, 9/11 responders, paramedics, emergency room doctors, hurricane Katrina survivors and a myriad of others.  PTSD can be caused by sexual abuse, bullying and traffic accidents Since this would have been a pretty large title we shortened it to the one topic “Military” that will capture most of the headlines now. 

We welcome not only the victims of PTSD but the families of the victims as well.  We see this as an under-served population but a population that deserves a voice, as well.  These changes in the population we seek are because the actual PTSD victims affects all those who come in contact with them, too.

The pain is hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it.  We would hope everyone who has an opinion on the subject will feel free to join the “Comments” section and contribute.   Our only caveat is that all posting remains a non-political, non religious and of course non-commercial and will stay a collection of features about PTSD and all its facets.  Everything else is fair game, and we welcome your uncensored opinions, stories, encouragements, poems, songs. Warts and all. We will offer no advice, criticism nor hollow clichés. Under most circumstances the post will remain as written with few, if any, changes.

Should help be requested we will try to offer some, in private, advice.