Military PTSD Forum

July 4, 2011

What is the purpose and meaning of the Military PTSD Forum?  First, the PTSD Forum has been established to bring focus to the epidemic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that is about to emerge, once the troops start coming home in greater numbers.  It is easy to give lip service to “Supporting the Troops” all this takes is opening up your mouth and parroting the words .  If you are. however, reading this and have come to the site to find out what you can really do to help, then I know you understand that more has to be done.

We all must reach out and identify those who are suffering in silence from the symptoms of PTSD.  These PTSD sufferers may not have the Purple Heart to symbolize their physical injury but even so, they still may need this PTSD Forum or other source to share how that experience has affected them psychologically or emotionally. Yes, PTSD is an internal injury that needs treatment, and it will not cure itself by keeping it bottled up inside.  Alcohol and drugs will further mask the problems but these are definitely not the answer. In fact, the use of alcohol and drugs are usually an indicator that this person is suffering from and symptoms of PTSD, PTSD depression, social anxiety, or thoughts of suicideand are using these things as

Military spouses, and friends, parents and children do not escape either and are collateral damage that will suffer too.  Whoever is reading this PTSD Forum must take steps to find healing for someone you suspect might be something to ease their real pain and suffering .  The “Talking cure” or sharing about one’s experiences. is a really good first step.  This means not closing down about your problem but opening up to others who care and want to help.

Go to the “Submit” page and write your story.  Be honest and true.  Say what you can.  There will be no judgement or lecturing here, this provides only a chance for you to start sharing and also to start healing.  We hope others will follow suit and you find that you are not alone but everything starts with the first step.  Come back as often as you like and write again and again, as often as you need.

We hope that this PTSD Forum will be a site that all people, even those without PTSD will want to read.  By making the country aware of this PTSD issue, hopefully we can bring the attention that, up till now, has been shoved to the background.  Supporting the troops is still important after the fighting is done and they’ve returned home.