Miracle Cure For PTSD?

August 10, 2011

Unfortunately there is nothing to say about a miracle cure for PTSD except, there are no miracles at this time for PTSD.  We, as a society, want immediate answers to difficult problems.  Want to lose weight? Most will say that there are 2 real answers to long term weight loss, exercise and change your eating habits.  Both take time and commitment so we look for easier ways to do it.  Take a pill and lose weight  in your sleep so you won’t have to exercise or start a fad diet so you can lose the weight faster.  But when all is said and done, the things that work are long term is to exercise and change your eating habits, just as we have said all along.

Fish oils, dogs, immersion therapy, pills, diet, et al are being touted as cures PTSD and may lead to some relief for some people with PTSD but there are so many programs out there who are claiming to be the answer that it is  as if there are no answers.  It is impossible to separate the facts from the hype.  The PTSD problem does exist and the more people talk about it the better, so these potential cures are a positive for the PTSD sufferer and their PTSD families and friends.

In medicine there is an axiom that states “Do no harm”.  I sincerely believe that people want to find the answer for PTSD but my biggest fear is that in their zeal to have the “Miracle cure for PTSD”, they may be taking those who already have this PTSD problem and hyping their specific therapy up, saying that their product is the answer. This potentially can further disappoint the actual PTSD sufferer when it to found that the cure doesn’t work to the level that was promised, thus reinforcing in the PTSD sufferes mind a belief that they are incurable since the process did not work for them.  Depression is a very real side effect for PTSD and to believe they can’t be cured could be devastating.  Suicide is a real threat to PTSD sufferers.  Since suicide is precipitated by severe depression one can easily deduce that we must be careful what we are promising.

I am in favor of every PTSD victim trying to find a cure, whatever it might be.  In the meantime, start the PTSD sufferer talking.  If you feel you have no willing listeners then come here to the Military PTSD Forum and talk to others through us.  Trying to articulate your feelings and watching and reading others as they do the same.  It will start the process of healing, and it will lighten your load.  We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  You are your own doctor and as they say,” physician heal thyself.”