National Conference on Mental Health-PTSD

June 3, 2013

There is a Conference which is convening this week.  This National Conference on Mental Health which is primarily one that reaches out to the Community to discuss and put a spotlight on the work that is being done to help eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.  Of course this effort combines the civilian and also the military population.

I was watching a a morning TV show and listened to three spokespersons for the conference.  Debbie Stabenow (D) Michigan, Valerie Jarrett (D) President Obama’s chief of staff, and Glenn Close, famous actress.  Insurance companies as usual are dragging their feet to spend some of their profits to cover mental illness the same way that other illnesses and injuries are paid.

We returning military PTSD sufferers know that the illness is real and needs to be addressed.  It is estimated that up to 30% of returning and active service members will be suffering from PTSD and many believe this figure will be significantly increased once the many silent sufferers start to step forward and admit to having this problem.

Remember that not only military personnel suffer from PTSD.  Police personnel, firefighters, medical responders, car crash survivors, sexual assault sufferers and many others could be suffering in silence.  Then there is the secondary PTSD sufferers who really have not been estimated or statistically included.

The effort of the conference will be to try and bring a spotlight to the mental health issue and the importance of talking.  Since we have been advocating this, at this blog, we feel that perhaps we are adding our efforts to the fight.  Come here and talk about your PTSD feelings even if you refuse to label them yet.  There are no right nor wrong ways to feel and you are entitled to have you feelings.  Finding a safe place to come and share, not only helps you but also to others who are struggling in silence too.