New PTSD Mental Health Tool

December 21, 2011

I am writing on behalf of Vets Prevail, where I am a Veterans Outreach Specialist. We are an innovative new online mental health tool that is tailored specifically to today’s Veterans, helping ease transition to life after military service and tackle post deployment re-adjustment challenges. Employing cutting edge technology, the program creates engagement through dynamically tailored interactions. The core content is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the standard of care for treatment of symptoms related to PTSD and depression. The program incorporates interactive multimedia e-learning lessons, peer support, diagnostic self-assessments, and proprietary software for scheduling and tracking user activities, thoughts, and feelings. Vets Prevail was founded by Veterans and developed through the collaboration of mental health researchers and clinicians at top universities and hospitals with the backing of the National Science Foundation and The McCormick Foundation. After 3 years of development, and test pools, we have a program that is ready to help veterans transition and adjust back to the realities of civilian life. Now that we have the program, we simply need to inform as many Veterans as we can about the help we can offer. If there is anything you can do to aid in this, we would greatly appreciate it.
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