Nine Shot In Seal Beach California-PTSD

October 15, 2011

A while ago, I posted the story about Howard Unruh who is credited with being the first mass murderer in United States history. He killed 13 people in and around Camden, New Jersey, my hometown. It later was reported that he suffered some unnamed mental disease after returning from his military service which sounds suspiciously like  PTSD. Later I talked about the violence problems in and around Colorado Springs which seemed to point to PTSD as a cause.

Last Wenesday another tragedy occurred near where I currently live. In the small beach town of Seal Beach a man walked into a beauty salon and shot 9 people and killing 8 of them and the other victim in serious condition. Initially it was theorized that it was a custody battle with his wife over their child. All the neighbors indicate that he was such a nice person and no one could believe that he could have done it.

Today Friday October 14, 2011 in the Los Angeles Times was a picture of Scott Dekraai the supposed shooter. Under the picture were these words, “The Huntington Beach man was diagnosed with PTSD after an accident.” The article entitled “Suspect a haunted man” by Nichole Santa Cruz, Tony Barboza, and Joel Rubin. for those not in the California area who wish to read the entire article.

Though the tragic incident they speak of, was not something which occurred while Mr. Dekraai was in the Military, it is still the PTSD issue that rears its ugly head once again. I fantacize that this site could have helped had he chosen to use it.  This site is a place not only to talk about fears, concerns, problems, etc. at the PTSD Forum but also a place to rant.  Having a safe place to blow off steam without acting upon it, could have helped.   PTSD  is a serious problem!  We are talking about ticking time bombs who have been trained to kill and perhaps who have killed while at war.   Young people who entered the Military and are rewired, upon return, are asked to somehow figure out how to rewire themselves back again except now without help.

Therapy is what we all agree is essential.  Intensive therapy would be better but this is costly so most settle for once per week, at best.  That is 1 hour a week or actually usually 50 minutes out of every week to receive professional help.  My wife Jean Dzierzynski, Ph.D., Psy. D. states that therapy is good but it is not unusual for there to be backsliding while waiting for the next session.  This obviously makes healing that much more lengthy, costly and difficult.  When impatience for a cure  is an issue, once per week is a problem.  At the Military PTSD Forum there is an additional outlet for the frustrations of the PTSD sufferer, the PTSD spouse and PTSD families to come Free Of Charge to help support the progress of the therapy.   

We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.