No Easy Way Out Of PTSD

November 28, 2011

Isn’t it funny how we, as a population in general, are always looking for an easy way out of our troubles.  A prime example of this is with weight loss.  I’ve heard it said that the average person gains a pound a year after 20.  This doesn’t seem like such a bad deal, only a pound.  But then when you think about it a little more closely these pounds all add up.  You are ten pounds heavier at 30 then you were at 20.  The by 40 you are 20 pounds heavier so you start getting alarmed so you get on the diet roller coaster lose ten, gain fifteen back and so on.  Most Americans are overweight and this is the reason.  We gain it slowly but we want it magically to drop off quickly even though we continue to eat the same way and exercise a lot less.

I was thinking about PTSD and how the same thing holds true.  Those who have PTSD want it to magically go away.  The average person with PTSD will wait 13.4 years to do anything about it.  Those who start sooner are quick to abandon the cure if they feel it isn’t working fast enough.  The truth is, PTSD will probably never go away completely but for those who work at it, it becomes more manageable.  Someone likened it to having a pocketful of sand and each day you take a small bit out and get rid of it.  Eventually the pocket will have so little sand that it will be almost unnoticeable.

You need to work on emptying your pockets of PTSD.  Do it by seeking out a professional mental health care professional and perhaps also come visit our Military PTSD Forum site and share your feelings and thoughts to help others find their way.  We are all in this together and we can all do our part.