One War Over-PTSD

April 25, 2012

I was just listening to the rhetoric of the upcoming Presidential campaigns.  It occurred to me that in order for one team to win they must condemn the other team.  So the Obama campaign tries to end the War in Afghanistan and bring the troops home.  In order for the Romney team to show how badly the Obama team is doing they have to pledge to do it differently and that means continue the fight in Afghanistan but also to pedge to be tougher on Iran and Syria and everywhere else.

I am against War, in general, as you have been able to gather through my past writings.  There are some times when it is inevitable but it seems to me there are so many steps that that could precede War that could be taken that would have made Vietnam a no go and Iraq as well.  Why start by promising War?  Both sides of the aisle should be looking for ways to heal the Country which is War weary, in my mind.  We’ve  wasted enough lives, and treasure and if we are going to spend money, spend it in trying to to repair the damages of wear and tear we have already done to out own infrastructure and let Afghanistan repair itself.  Why create another War where the only winners come from the Military/ Industrial complex.

Let’s just take this War issue off the table for both sides, Republican and Democrats.  We know that whomever is elected,  will have to deal with consequential issues so let’s assume that is good enough rather than making points by being a back seat driver.  I watched a newscast where they were talking about the ex-Presidents club.  They talked about why the ex-Presidents never criticized their successors.  They, to the man, said that they currently did not have all the information that the current President had and they all realized how difficult the decisions were and to offer advise would be fool-hearty.  I think candidates for the office should follow the same advice.  Talk about your own plans versus trying to say always that what the other side did is wrong and that you would do it better.

How does this rant pertain to PTSD?    War or the promise of War creates PTSD for 30% or more of the Wars participants.  Keep the men and women home in the first place.