Our <strong>PTSD</strong>Technical Advisor Dr. Jean Dzierzynski

Our PTSDTechnical Advisor Dr. Jean Dzierzynski

July 2, 2011

Hello, I am Dr. Jean Dzierzynski, a clinical psychologist.  I wanted to personally welcome you to Military PTSD Forum. Both my husband and I wanted to provide you and your family, if you have one, a safe place where you can get the support you deserve and may not have been able to find.

It seems ironic that most people want to build their web sites simply get more and more viewers.  We want just the opposite.  We want this to be a more personal place for you to visit.  We are here for you and are going to be offering as many psychological services and resources as we can find for you and your loved ones.

“The talking cure” is what psychology is really all about.  One of my professors stated in one of his lectures, that healing begins when we start to talk about our pain.  I asked, “How long does it take?” and his answer was, “As long as necessary.”  That being said, we intend to be here for as long as you need us to be.

Did you know that there are still men and women walking around with their silent pain from every war, past and present?  PTSD doesn’t magically go away.  The internal pain and all the resulting problems from PTSD, can be worked though if you will just have the courage to start talking. It is best to find a qualified mental health professional to do this but this is sometimes not available for a number of reasons. This is one of the purposes of the site. It is an alternative first step on your road to recovery.

Take a moment and tell us your PTSD story.   We will include it our PTSD Forum (anonymously) if you want to share it with others to read who are just  like you.  Come here and blog as often as you want or need to because it helps to get it out of your head and onto a page.  Your internal pain will find its way to the light of day instead of being trapped inside. Healing will take time but healing is possible.

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