Passing of Jobs Bill For Veterans-PTSD

November 12, 2011

I was so pleased to see that this administration had finally gotten some results for the returning Veterans and jobs. But one thing to note was that is contrary to what you might have believed, it was not unanimous. Jim Demindt was the lone dissenter and he is one of the major Tea Party honchos. It doesn’t really matter how many were against it we should all pay attention to the possible enemies that we might face in future battles. Our votes count and we want friends not enemies in our government. No one wants their programs to be cut but there are no programs but those concerning Veterans that require that their lives be put on the line.

They say that as many as 180,000 jobs may be acquired by returning veterans which is a big relief to me because you will note that I’ve posted about this issue several times at this site.

This is great news for the PTSD sufferer because the one thing these PTSD victims do not need is to be without a job where increased stress and depression could result without any job availabilities.

Remember it is more than just getting the job, it is keeping it. Since PTSD seems to be complicated by sleep loss, irritability, and possible alcohol and drug related issues, the PTSD sufferer needs to be vigilant to compartmentalize the illness and keep it out of the work place.

Seek professional help immediately if not sooner.  Use this site Military PTSD Forum however you choose, to post your feelings and experiences to put them into perspective.  Seek others who may be in the same sitution as you, but most of all seek help.