Penn State Scandal and PTSD

November 10, 2011

I was listening to the accounts of the Penn State scandal on sports radio this morning. Apparently there are 8 alleged cases of molestation already reported. Some will ask me what does this have to do with the Military PTSD Forum and it actually does. 

I have said several different times that PTSD can be caused by things other than the military and I have invited all PTSD sufferers no matter the source of their illness to become engaged and to post to this site.  This includes the rather sordid and distasteful source of PTSD…molestation.

On the show today, they stated that the average child molester will involve over a hundred victims during their crime sprees.  Obviously the quicker the molester can be caught, the fewer victims that are likely to be involved.  The lifelong consequences can readily be seen and because of this I would hope that some will find their way to the Military PTSD Forum site and begin to post their experiences, to allow an escape for these bottled up feelings to be exposed to the light of day.  

Remember in the not too distant past we dealt with the Catholic Church and the number of priests that were molesting children.  Though children should not bear the shame of this act they always do. 

I invite all PTSD victims, no matter the source, to come and share your pain with us.  The post will remain anonymous and you are free to say whatever you choose and you will not be censured or criticized.  The posting is free now and we are open all the time to accept your post.