President’s Speech On Money To Help Veterans PTSD

November 8, 2011

I watched the President’s speech yesterday about help for the Veterans and job stimulus.  It talked about providing help to small businesses that provide jobs to the returning Veterans.  I’ve spoken of my concern in this area and what I see as the climate of the times.  I fee, in most times, this would be a slam dunk and the returning Veterans who have fought for over 10 years in the 2 desert Wars of Afghanistan and Iraq would be taken care of. 

I see no Party politics that should rear its ugly head.  We will see how this is voted on in Congress, which as most know, is controlled by the Republicans.  Under most situations you should see a diverse voting pattern with each party member voting his/her own conscience so I will be anxious to see if this voting  is divided along Party lines.  If so you will have a clear picture of what might be the consequences of a painful process ahead.

Without jobs depression will be enhanced and stress will follow.  PTSD doesn’t need extra help to guide it along.  I am concerned that the PTSD sufferers will be just another casualty of Party Politics.  There is a place for Government in our lives and it is situations like these that I am talking about.