PTSD And Child Abuse

October 25, 2011

I just heard an alarming statistic yesterday. The United States leads the World in the number of child abuse cases, with a child being abused every 5 hours. This means almost 5 cases a day.

I know that the site is entitled Military PTSD Forum but there are other things that lead to PTSD besides War and one of them is childhood abuse. According to my wife, Jean Dzierzynski, Ph.D, Psy.D, there is something called childhood disassociation which occurs when there is not a strong bond between the child and the parent. There is a correlation between children with this diagnosis and later instances of PTSD. This could be the reason that two people could witness the same incident and one is able to just file it away and the other start feeling the effects of PTSD.

We can also see a significant increase in childhood abuse coming from a PTSD family. This seems fairly obvious and I’ve covered this in previous posts but PTSD flowing from the PTSD sufferer to the spouse and often to the children, as well.

The circle of violence proceeds onward. It is more likely that a child who has been abused will go on to be an abuser of their own children unless they receive help from a mental health provider to break this chain of violence through therapy. Please seek help and for additional support you are welcome post at this Military PTSD Forum site whenever you chose and as often as you choose.