PTSD and MI-5

November 4, 2011

My wife is a fan of British TV and has been watching replays of the series “MI-5” for the last several nights. I am a reader so I was not paying too close attention until I heard the reference to PTSD. One of the main characters in this particular episode was suffering from PTSD, from his job related stresses. He was seeing a therapist in this episode for his problems.

I put down my book and started watching and though it was a bit dramatic in its portrayal of his reactions I got to thinking , I don’t think I had seen the PTSD issue as a part of a TV plot line before. I’m sure that it has been but this was the first I had noticed.

They say there is no “Bad” publicity. Good or bad is simply publicity so I suppose no matter how it was portrayed it was a calling out to people to start taking notice of this issue.

Of course if you are suffering, publicity is not what you need, you need professional help and this episode did stress that the protagonist was going to a therapist of a regular basis. But in general, the illness, so far as I can tell, is not longer his issue since he continues performing his most dangerous missions without additional mentions of PTSD.

Isn’t Hollywood great! Cured in a one hour episode. Getting back to reality, though, please don’t get discouraged. Dealing with and seeking help for PTSD is not something that will go away quickly. I can only talk about my own bout with this PTSD opponent and say that I have been able to learn to cope with it and I’ve put it into its proper place. 40 years later I still sometimes awaken from a bad dream and realize that it is still there but I am able to live my life without being imprisoned by it. You can too.

There is a place at this Military PTSD Forum site where you can post your feelings. I know this seems like it couldn’t possibly help but it does. Maybe not at first, but don’t give up. Write as often as you need to about what you are feeling. Talk about those dreams, and flashbacks if you can. If you can’t don’t get discouraged, keep talking. This isn’t Hollywood but you can get better. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Daylight is the best disinfectant.