PTSD and Siblings

July 22, 2011

This next blog comes from her book “Girl in the Water” by Nancy Kilgore.  Thanks for the information

Bullying in America is at epidemic levels, often starting in the American home. Each year, 19 million children are abused in their homes by their own siblings. Nearly two million children use a weapon as a means of resolving a conflict with a sibling. Siblings commit 10 percent of the murders that occur in the American family. Research has shown a solid link between bullying and sibling abuse. Children who are abused by their siblings are often targets to bullies and often become bullies.

PTSD occurs more than from the military.

Though the Military PTSD Forum hopes to reach the military personnel who are returning home with PTSD and their PTSD spouses and children we do acknowledge that PTSD strikes more than the military.