PTSD and Social Network

August 4, 2011

Since Military PTSD Forum is relatively new to this process we have been wondering why this networking takes so long.  So here are a few of our observations. 

First some  people only care if it is easy.  Copy a “I support the troops” on their Facebook page… easy.  Ask someone to spread the word is more difficult unless it is something religious or some silly give-away like, “Your luck will change unless you forward this on to 10 other people”.  Asking for someone to care enough to do the same thing with no promise of bad or good luck, a lot harder. I saw a bumper sticker this past weekend which said, “Support Mental Health, or I’ll kill you.” I thought this was both scary and humorous. By substituting PTSD for the Mental Health you might get the picture a bit clearer.

Too many sites.  If you decide to go on line and look up practically any topic, you will see dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of sites devoted to that one subject.  Too many sites are worse than none at all since the average person will not search through the different sites to find the right one.  For a PTSD suffererto know where to go when faced with hundreds of choices is too confusing.  It is worse then walking down the cereal aisle at a supermarket.  Too many choices.

There are many PTSD people who complain but few really who want relief.  Sometimes it gets more attention to complain than actually to do something about it.  This includes surprisingly PTSD spouses, PTSD families and friends.  By taking the next step it is a committment that needs to be followed through with. Complaining or ignoring is easier than doing something.

Dealing with emotions is scary and it is so much easier to do nothing then to do something.  Hoping for a change or just letting someone else take on the job is much preferred than doing the heavy lifting oneself.

We are going to be here and sooner or later we know that people will come.  The choice, if you want to participate and help drive this healing site Military PTSD Forum is up to you.  We hope you will come along and we can together make a dent into this major PTSD problem that will get much worse before it gets better.